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Art critic Ian Mayes summed up his work most succinctly in his review of his 1975 exhibition at St Catherine’s College, Cambridge.


“I know of few artists whose work communicates such a sense of joy in life as that which comes from these beautifully quiet, very modest and English paintings, so accurate in their evocation of the changing moods and feeling of nature. The landscapes (which together with the related paintings of enclosed gardens and cricket matches I consider to be his finest work) show that in his use of colour and simplified shapes he has found a personal and eloquent language, perfectly suited to its purpose; and an important part of that purpose is the expression of wonderment and delight in nature. “


The Art Critic Paddy Kitchin wrote one of the most thoughtful and perceptive criticisms of his work, then being shown at a retrospective at Northampton Art Gallery. Her article was published in Country Life Magazine of January 16th 1992 under the title of ‘A kind of Renaissance Man’. The text is illustrated by a reproduction of The Storm, 1950, a gouache that demonstrates perfectly his ability to show both “beauty and threat in the landscape”